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Working late night in North Phoenix at about 1:00 am, I received a frantic phone call from my 13 yr old saying “Daddy, the house is on fire. I respond “Get your brother and put it out if you can.”

He screamed back, “He’s on fire too.” He said this as I heard screaming in the background. I told him to get water on him and dial 911. I hung up and raced to our home while trying to think who could I call that was closer to my kids than I was. NO ONE!

I arrived at our home within 10 minutes to find my son stretched out on the driveway while being treated by the Guadalupe Fire Department. As you can imagine, he was a grave pain. When he saw me he begin repeating over and over again, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

My thoughts, “How could I have done this to my own child!”

Yes I know! I wasn’t there when the accident occurred. But, I was a cause in the incident when you factor in Universal Forces. Particularly in this case, The Law of Cause and Effect. Let me explain.

Individuals, families, team members, co-workers, etc., who are a part of any event or experience (effect), each share as a cause in the event . This is a result of their collective consciousnesses and energy as it relates to the event.

As it relates to my son’s burning accident, About 2 weeks prior to the incident, my wife and I got into a heated discussion over the need to maintain our current working status to ensure ┬áthe family maintained proper medical insurance. I left the conversation very upset and maintain my level of negative energy on the subject for several days. My ongoing thoughts were fixed on the fact that she needed to understand my position on maintaining medical insurance.

Now without going into detail of the burn accident, the incident manifested as a result of my negative thoughts of my wife needing to understand why we must have the insurance in case one of our kids were seriously injured aalong with the collective consciousness of everyone elses thinking in my family who were involved.

Now, there were probably no dramatic changes in the thinking of my family members other than my new negative thinking. Yet, each of us were a Cause in the incident. An incident that could not happen the way it did if any one person held different thoughts, especially myself. I know that high negative thoughts/energy brings on like energy results.

I was reminded the hard way that harboring negative feelings manifest just as powerfully as holding positive feelings.


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Working late night in North Phoenix at about 1:00 am, I received a frantic phone call from my 13 yr old saying “Daddy, the house is […]
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