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“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

8 Simple Steps to Manifest Money Fast


If you live in the same world as I do, your cost of living is on rise also. I have 6 children, 3 of which will be entering college over the next 3.5 years and that’s an expense that could break a person’s bank. I’m sure you have your own challenges. But, the great thing about Challenges is they can be Championed.

 One of my favorite saying “ If money can solve your problem, then you don’t have a problem.” 

Money is in abundant and plentiful. Yet, you have only allowed yourself to be in alignment with the amount you currently receive. Chances are what you receive is in alignment with what you have accepted as the best possible for you.

 I’m here to tell you. You can increase your financial wealth and you can do it now!

1. Make the Decision! From this day forward you will attract more money and you will/build a foundation of habits that supports a new level of wealth. This must be a desire that burns within you.


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2. As the old school R&B group, The Pointer Sisters, would say “You Got to Believe.”

Believe that this time you will succeed. Past attempts are irrelevant. They were nothing but learning opportunities, not forecasts of what must be.

Be in action now. No back door escapes. DREAM BIG!

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!




3. Know exactly what you want. Place your order with the Universe. If you want more money, how much and how often? 

Do you want an extra $15,000 this year or a month?

Do you want your business to gross an extra million, 5 million, 100 million?  By when?  

You have to choose, or it will become one of those someday goals that never manifest.

Be bold, but choose an amount that you can honestly feel is within reach and upon reaching it will satisfy your desired wealth. Whatever you choose, absolutely mean what you say. This is so simple, but so few have the courage to do it out of fear of disappointment.

Here’s an important Key. Tell no one the number you choose, especially those close to you. Although family members may mean well, they are usually the first ones to believe they should give you a reality check. 

You must realize that their reality isn’t your reality. Love ones tend to be none supportive of dreams not in alignment of what they believe is possible of you. Normally, judging you from past experience.

Stealth your family with new habits and results.

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

4. Know how you will spend the money.  This is your money.  You must be emotionally connected to it. Where is it going to go?  When re you going to invest, where? Are you going to pay off debt, how?  When are you going to save money, how much and to where? You may have to do a little thinking and research to complete this step. 

Powerful Manifestation requires a Powerful Purpose!



 5. Clarify and write down how this is going to feel once accomplished. You want to make this goal so real in your mind and heart that you run, not walk, to more wealth. This step is crucial in both strategy and Law of Attraction.

6. Create exact actions and habits that you will implement to support this goal of increased wealth. There are many action and habit transformation gurus with training material readily available to get you on the right track. Tony Robbins is my favorite. To keep you on track you may want to consider a Life Coach.

7. Inspired action. Get out of the business of just being busy for the sake of satisfying your ego. Focus on activity that’s both inspiring and purposeful. Be guided by your inner being (intuition). It will let you if what you are doing counts towards your desired success. but, you have to listen.

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

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I Believe Therefore I Am: How to Deliberately Live Your Life by Programming Your Mind for Success, Happiness, Love, and Fulfillment

8. Get a Coach or a Mentor. Ask yourself, who is going to support you? 

Are you committed enough to see this goal through? 

Will you continue to trust that you will succeed, even when you don’t think there are any signs of improvement over a long period of time? 

Who is going to assist you in a way that truly works for you? 

You will find that having that person who will keep you in check invaluable.

In conclusion, h
ave you ever heard of a guy name Steven Callahan. He was lost at sea in a small raft for seventy-six days. His boat had sunk west of the Canary Islands. 

He was able to write his book, Adrift, only because he was committed to getting back home and living. It wasn’t a never matter of “if” he got home He always thought about what he was going to do “when” he got home. 

Every action he took to keep himself alive was inspired from the passion he felt about getting home. He found ways to eat, to drink and to keep his body working. He did this because of his belief that he could survive at sea alone. And that he did!

How passionate are you about being wealthy? 

Are your reasons for doing so strong enough to propel you into action?

Get yourself into the same frame of mind as Steven. It is not a matter of “if” you will be more prosperous, but “when.” 

It is your choice!

Learn to control your thoughts through this 30 day challenge. Click the image below for more details.

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October 21, 2017

8 Simple Steps to Manifest Money Fast …as in NOW!

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire! 8 Simple Steps to Manifest Money Fast If you live […]