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4 Things That Your Child Must Know

In Case of a School Shooter


These are shameless times. The attacks on our children in places that where we once a place we could not even imagine having concerns of mass school shooters. Well for the moment, it is what it is. Now we must ensure our children are both knowledgeable and equipped in case they are engaged by one of these sick predators.   Here are 4 things that your child must know!

A.   Escape Safely!

  1. Must run whenever possible! Getting out of area as soon as possible offers the best chance of survival. BUT, be sure that you are not running in the direction of the shooter.

  2. Know the escape routes! Make sure your child knows at least 2 escape routes from the location that they spend the most time while at school. Don’t rule out 2nd story windows or breaking a window. They can recover from a cuts.

  3. React Now! Dont freeze up or waste time debating on what to do. If you hear gun shots in the distances, you can likely get out of the area before he arrives.

  4. Forget your belongings! Your first instinct will be to collect your belongings, but no, leave everything! Time is not on your side.

  5. Run straight for the exit! No zig zagging.

  6. Take people with you! Encourage others to run with you. There is strength in numbers.

  7. Grab a weapon if it is convenient! A sharp or blunt object. You may need it!

  8. IF, you have to fight, get as close as you can without being noticed! Grab the barrel with one hand and cover the eject port with the other. Push the barrel in a safe direction. The gunman will fire but it will cause the gun to malfunction and no longer be useful.

B. Hiding and Barricading Yourself

  1. Choose this course of action if running is not possible!  This decision shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Hiding is viable because most mass shootings last only 10 to 15 minutes. If you can last that long, chance are you will survive.

  2. If there are others hiding with you, get their attention and share the responsibilities of calling 911, lock and barricade door, and grab anything that can be used as a weapon.

  3. Turn off lights immediately! This makes it less likely that the shooter will enter.

  4. Lock and barricade the door! Do all you can to make it difficult for the shooter to get in.

  5. Call 911 immediately!

  6. Again, find any weapon you can!

  7. Find cover! This mean get behind something that can stop a bullet, like a brick wall

  8. Find concealment if cover is not available! Just get out of site.

  9. Turn off anything that makes noise like your cell phone! Once its known that you are in the area of an active shooting, those close to you will attempt to check on your welfare by calling you.

  10. Try to stay calm! It may seems impossible, but it is crucial that you remain absolutely silent.

  11. A last resort is to play dead! This should only be considered if Running or Hiding is impossible.

C.     Engage the Shooter

     1. Remember that attacking the shooter is your final option. You shouldn’t reveal yourself and attack the shooter unless you feel  you will be shot if you did nothing.

     2.  Do not try to reason with the shooter or plea for your life. It has not proven effective when dealing with a shooter.

  1. Work with others to create confusion! As a group, if you create noise to divert the shooters attention, it ill give you a few extra minutes to escape or attack the shooter from the rear.

  2. Attack the shooter with any weapon that you can; scissors, glass or any sharp or heavy object. Remember use this tactic if its your last resort.

  3. Aim high! Go for the shooters eyese face, shoulders or neck so that he will more than likely let go of the weapon.

  4. Once you commit to the attack, if you hesitate to the slightest, it could be fatal. Be as aggressive as possible.


D.       Prevent or Prepare For School Shooting

  1. Report any suspicious activity. If you see something, say something!

  2. Be aware of your schools lockdown procedure. You may not be able to follow it exactly, but having this knowledge could save your life in a shooter situation.

  3. Be prepared for a shooting. No, you can’t take a weapon to school but you can do things to better prepare yourself, like taking a self defense class.

F.     When the Police Arrive

  1. Do not run to law enforcement. When the police first arrive, they are not there to rescue people. They are looking to stop the shooter.

  2. Once you are in police sight keep your hands up with your fingers spread showing that you are not a threat.

  3. Tell the police what you know. Your information could be valuable.

  4. Move in the direction that the police came from. Don’t stop to ask police for direction. If it is safe, keep moving with your hands up and visible.

  5. Obey police instructions immediately. Follow the police instruction with not resistance.

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February 17, 2018

4 Things That Your Child Must Know in Case of an active School Shooter

4 Things That Your Child Must Know In Case of a School Shooter   These are shameless times. The attacks on our children in places that […]