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My AWESOME Multiple Income Streams Ideas

30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future


I want to share with you my income streams.  I’ve used them to maintain a steady 6 figure income for over 30 years.

My reason is if you have any questions about the income streams, I can share my experience.

To begin with, there has always a baseline income that has supported my streams of income opportunities. For many years I have worked as a Law Enforcement Officer and currently, I work as a Professional Chauffeur/Executive Protection Provider.

My career choices paid good wages. Yet, I was never one to believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. Also, a six figure income sounds so much better than 5 figure income. It’s a matter of personal choice.

So here are my most successful ventures throughout the years.


Lawn Care Service

Income Streams 1 – Lawn Care Service

My first income stream side venture was landscaping. It was very simple to get started. I already had a good lawn mower and with an additional $150, I bought more used gardening tools.

Finding clients was fairly easy. I just drove around looking for unkept apartment complexes. The money was good, but I quickly found out that I was not an outdoors person. If you are, this may work out for you.

For additional information on how to start a lawn care business, choose the appropriate E Book that follows this post.  Then join my email list to receive a FREE Ebook on “How to Start a Lawn Care Business.”


30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future

Vending Service

Income Streams 2 – Vending Service

Another income stream that served me well was the operating of soda and snack vending business. You would be amazed at the amount of money that gets deposited into a pop machine on a daily basis. Often I would have empty the dollar bill collector twice a day and restock machines 2-3 times a week. But, when you stock a machine, you unload money.

My goal was to net $100 per week per machine. Normally, I would have 9-15 machines out on various locations. I had enough machines to where it took me under 2 days a week  to service the majority of them. Remember, I still had my baseline employment. I did have several peers who vend full time and did very well. A couple of them have big vending warehouses today. I eventually past the machines onto my sons.

For more information this  business, I invite  you choose the appropriate E Book that follows this post. Then join my email list and receive my free ebook “How to Start a Vending Machine Business.


Scape Metal Recycling

Income Streams 3 – Recycling

I began the income stream of recycling after spending time with a relative who made a nice living recycling  full time.  It was really amazing what kind of money he made.  So, I gave it a shot and WOW! There were so many ways to make money recycling.

I chose plastic bottles, copper wire, and computer boards. My reason was because they were the easiest to store in my garage and also, something easy that my sons could get into. Their interest was short lived.

The money I made was not extraordinary, but for the 4-5 hours a week I put into it, it was worth it. More time would have equaled more money for sure.

If you are interested in learning more at starting a Recycling Business,  I invite  you to choose the appropriate E Book that follows this post and join my email list to receive a free eBook “How to Start a Recycling Business.


30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future


Security Guard Sirvice

Income Streams 4 – Security Service

Being a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, this was extremely easy to get into. Obviously, I was overqualified but the income stream was good and very low stress. 

Getting started was easy because there were so many small businesses ( car sales lots, store parking lots, model homes etc) looking to hire someone, as a contractor, to watch their property overnight. I actually built this business to 7-10 security officers grossing about $175,000 a year for 3 years.

I eventually lost interest in running a 24-hour service. So, after I made enough money to start another project, I just allowed the existing contracts to expire.

Fear is a Marketing Tool in this industry.  Thanks to the news media and their never-ending negative talking points, security contract opportunities were plentiful.

If you have a desire to work nights and weekends, this could be good for you.  Choose the appropriate  eBook that follows this post then join my email list to receive my FREE Ebook on “How to Start a Security Business”


Forex Currency Trading

Income Streams 5 – Forex Trading

This is the money maker that I, as well as, my friends and family members do now and forever. It’s called Currency Trading a.k.a. “The Forex!”

Currency trading, a.k.a. The Forex Market, is an income producing opportunity that has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, it’s been the number one investment platform around the world since 1972.

If the Forex is new to you, it’s because the government has effectively kept it’s citizens (U.S) out of the market since the market conception in 1972. At least until 1998, when the internet opened the market to the world.

The Forex is my #1 money maker. It’s what I do and it’s awareness and strategies is what I teach.

As a matter of fact, if you take part in my “30 Day Money Making Challenge”, you can learn to trade the Forex Market and it won’t cost you a cent.

My personal trading career began with a goal of $500 a day profit. Within 3 months, my goal was realized. Sometimes it took me 2-3 minutes to make $500 and sometimes a whole trading day. I was on top of the world.

At least I was until I learned how that the Forex is highly volatile. You can make a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money, if you don’t train well. This is why I offer the “30 Day Money Maker Challenge.”

I remember during my first 3 months of day trading, I made $11,000 in one month then lost $10,300 in 15 minutes the next month. This happened because I didn’t take the time to properly learn.

Scary, Huh?

If this is your first time hearing about the Forex Market, you may be feeling a little intimidated.

Well don’t be. Just like most anything else, comfort can come in time thru Forex training.

You can learn to be a Professional Forex Trader and you don’t have to spend money to do it.

I invite you to take part in my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge”. It will teach you Forex basics and lead you to trade with confidence.

This “30 Day Money Maker Challenge” is an invaluable learning opportunity.

Your only cost will be your time and determination to learn.

In addition to your successful completion of my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge,” you will really know how to make money online.

Learning to trade the Forex is very doable. You should really give this some consideration.

For a quick overview, Read my free  eBook “How to Become a Forex Trader.” that follows this post.

Simply  join my email list to receive your FREE eBook or go straight to my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge.”


30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future


Flip Cars for Profit

Income Streams 6 – Flipping Used Cars

I began the income stream of flipping cars as a way to make money with the money I was making through Forex Trading. This process was fairly easy.

I began by purchasing one car at a time from public car auctions. I complete minor repairs, cleaned it up, then sold it. 

My goal was $200-$300 profit per vehicle. If I got the car at the right price, the sale was fairly easy.

Soon I was buying 2-3 cars and the same time. It got to the point to where I had to rent space at a used car lot to park my cars for viewing by potential buyers.

The 3 keys to my success in flipping cars were public car auctions, as well as Craiglist, and people looking to spend their tax refunds.


Non-profit Fundraising

Income Streams 7 – Fundraising

There’s a saying when it comes to making money “To the extent you help others make money, so will you make money.”

This was the moto I took on when I started “Cre8ive Fundraising.” 

My efforts have been to help school and club sports teams, churches and other charitable organization raise money for their organizations. It has been a very satisfying endeavor.

The programs I use on my website at allows me to offer various fundraising programs in which the Fundraising organization makes money while at the same time I profit from each program purchased. 

Here is a great book on effective fundraising and it would be very helpful to you.


30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future


Drive Uber

Income Streams 8 – RideShare Driver

Like many private citizens, I began my income stream in transportation career as an UBER Driver. The money was OK, but driving activity was sporadic.

I found I had to put in way too many hours a week, but needed to reach my money goal. The greatest opportunities were weekends. I like working weekdays.

After driving Uber, I realized that the real money was in being more than an Uber Driver, I had to transform into being a Rideshare Driver.

What I mean is that I began driving on multiple platforms. The trick was to find the platforms that work best during the times I preferred to work, Monday thru Thursday 7 am to 2 pm.

After trial and error of working various platforms, the combination of platforms that worked best for me were 60% Veyo, 15% UBER and 5% LYFT.

If you are interested in sharing a introductory reward, comment or text me and I’ll send you my codes to enter when applying for the ride share opportunities. Click here if your interested in learning about 7 steps to wealth.


Complete online Surveys

Income Streams 9 – Online Surveys

Online Surveys are very worthwhile income stream if you get with the right ones. It’s good money and you do them in your spare time. One of my favorite survey company pays with gift $25 to $50 dollars in gift cards (app called Survey mini) and my other favorite, Accelerant Research,  pays $100 – $175 per consumer survey. Click  Here to learn more about Accelerant Research.


Life Coach

30 Day Money Maker Challenge
Transform Your Financial Future

Income Streams 10 – Life Coach

Being a Life Coach has been my most rewarding income stream experience both Financially and Spiritually, and continues to be with well over a 100 clients served.

Life Coaching is about helping others through your experiences, and yes, people pay for that.

Becoming a paid Life Coach will take some time. First, you need to establish some credibility. This can be done through certification by a Life Coach Certifying Course. 

There are many good ones out there on the net. I’m partial to Robbins/Madanes Life Coach Program. Being that Tony Robbins, the Guru of Life Coaching, is its creator, it has a tremendous mentoring program and following.


Bloggers Laptop

Income Streams 11 – Blogger

Out of a desire to Coach more people, I decided on an income stream to become a Blogger. In the beginning, it was rough. Building a following and monetizing my site,, was quite a struggle until I took a FREE 12-day Blogging Training Course by Paul Scivs. Talk about a world of difference!

After completing the course and working with a large group of blogging mentors my views per month has increase by 100s and my income has double and soon will be a lifestyle game changer.

If you think you have an ounce of desire to blog, take this free course. It’s Magical!

I hope you have found this post of value. These are all income streams I have found success in doing. You may also find my post on 8 steps to manifest money, now very enlightening, click here. Comment below if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to share what I know.


 Mindset is the Key in Manifesting a lifestyle beyond your current place in life. I invite you to participate in a 30 Day MindMaster Challenge. Get control of your thoughts, get control of your life. Click below!


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FEAR is such a controlling Force. Join my email list and receive a Free copy of my EBook “The Slavery of Fear.”  It will be a game changer in your life.


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