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6 Awesome Ways to Make Money Working From Home

You might have noticed that the blog title doesn’t say “Make Passive Money Sitting at Home Doing Nothing.” No, the goal will be to Make Money through passive income requiring limited effort.

The  opportunities I’m about to share with you will require considerable, yet very doable, effort in the beginning.

All the following 6 ways of making money, I am currently engaged in or have very recently move on or passed on to my sons. So, I personally vouch for them all.

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Let’s get to it!

Forex Trading

Let’s start with the money maker opportunity that I, as well as,friends and family members do now That is Currency Trading.

Currency trading, a.k.a. The Forex Market, as been an  income producing opportunity that has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, it’s been the number one investment platform around the world since 1972.  

If the Forex is new to you, it’s because the government has effectively kept it’s citizens (U.S) out of the market since the market conception in 1972. At least until 1998, when the internet opened the market to the world.

The Forex is my #1 money maker. It’s what I do and it’s awareness and strategies is what I teach.  

As a matter of fact, if you take part in my “30 Day Money Making Challenge”, you can learn to trade the Forex Market and it won’t cost you a cent.

My personal trading career began with a goal of $500 a day profit. Within 3 months, my goal was realized. Sometimes it took me 2-3 minutes to make $500 and sometimes a whole trading day. I was on top of the world.

At least I was until I learned how that the Forex is highly volatile. You can make a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money, if you don’t train well. This is why I offer the “30 Day Money Maker Challenge.”

I remember during my first 3 months of day trading, I made $11,000 in one month then lost $10,300 in 15 minutes the next month. This happened because I didn’t take the time to properly learn.

Scary, Huh?

If this is your first time hearing about the Forex Market, you may be feeling a little intimidated.

Well don’t be. Just like most anything else, comfort can come in time thru Forex training.

You can learn to be a Professional Forex Trader and you don’t have to spend money to do it.

I invite you to take part in my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge”. It will teach you Forex basics and lead you to trade with confidence.

This “30 Day Money Maker Challenge” is an invaluable learning opportunity.

Your only cost will be your time and determination to learn.

In addition to your successful completion of my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge,” you will really know how to make money online.

Learning to trade the Forex is very doable. You should really give this some consideration.

For a quick overview, Read my free  eBo5t b ok “How to Become a Forex Trader.” that follows this post.

Simply  join my email list to receive your FREE eBook or go straight to my “30 Day Money Maker Challenge.”



To go along with my Professional Trading Business is my Blogging Career. I actually spend more time trading than I do blogging. When you consider Trading is a 1-3 hours a day business, that leaves alot of time for something else.

So, I blog with emphisis on Lifestyle Coaching ( and Forex Trading. Out of my desire to coach more people, I decided on creating an income stream by blogging.

In the beginning, it was rough! Building a following and monetizing my site,, was quite a struggle. There are so many blogging gurus around. All of which swear they have the magic formula.

But, luckily I came across logging course called 12-Day Blogging Training Course” by Paul Scivs.

Wow! Talk about a game changer

As a result of taking his course I have the opportunity to work with literally dozens of bloggers who have made it in the blogging game. They all work together to help you as a community to become a successful Blogger.

If you think you have an ounce of desire to blog, take Paul’s free Boot Camp course, It’s Magical!


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Online Surveys

Online surveys are a very worthwhile income stream if you can get with the right on-line survey companies.. It’s good money and the great thing is you do them in your spare time.

One of my favorite survey company pays $25 to $50 in gift cards. Basically, you fill out short surveys on your experiences with merchants. (Download app called “Survey Mini”).

Another favorite survey company I like is Accelerant Research. They pay $100-$175 per consumer survey. CLick Here to learn more about Accelerant Research.

Dee x

Flipping Cars

I began flipping cars as a way to make more money with the money I was making a Forex Trader. The process was fairly easy and it was something I could do in my spare time (which was a lot).

I started by purchasing a car from a public car auction and  one from Craigslist. I took care of minor repairs, cleaned the cars up, then sold them via the same car auction and Craigslist.

My goal in the beginning was $200-$300 profit per vehicle. If I got the cars at the right price, the sale was always quick.

After a while, profit per vehicle was $500-$2500 and soon I found I had to sublease parking spots at a local Used Car Dealership for the displaying of my cars

Due to an state regulation here in Arizona, I could only sale 12 cars a year without a license. So I focused on making $15,000 to $20,000 a year with my 12 flipping opportunities. (The use of relatives allows for the purchasing of additional cars.)

Here are the 3 Keys to my success in flipping cars :

Public Car Auctions


People looking to spend their tax refund


A relative of mine introduced me to recycling.  I was amazed at the kind of money recyclers were making, so I gave it a shot and WOW!

There were so many ways to make money recycling.

After some research, I chose to recycle plastic bottles, copper wIre , and computer parts.

I chose these due to their ease of storage in my garage. I had no interest in a full fledge recycling yard.

The money I made was not extraordinary, but for the 4-5 hours a week I put into it, it was worth it.

If you are interested in learning more to starting a Recycling Business, I invite you to join my email list and download my Free ebook “ How to Start a Recycling Business” at the end of this post.


Vending Machines

Another income stream that serve me well was my Snack and Soda Vending machine business.

The amount of money that came from through my 15 machines was crazy. It seems like all I was doing was counting money. (Good problem to have, Huh?)

My vending goal was $100 per week per machine.

Normally, I would have 9-15 machines out on my route. Usually, it involved 2 days a week to manage unless I had to take an extra day to empty the dollar bill collector.

The nice thing about vending, its a easy business to grow.

Find a location, put 1-2 machines on site, business expanded!

For more information this building a vending business, join my email list and receive my Free ebook “How to Start a Vending Machine Business” at the end of this post.


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Download an eBook or Challenge below and begin your financial journey!






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