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Fathering 6 children, 3 of which are adults, has given me plenty of insight on some basic things a 17-year-old son needs to know prior to his 18th birthday.

Being a Spiritual Coach, my take on some of these things has a Metaphysical slant to it. Meaning that some of the things I suggest come from higher conscious thinking.

My belief is if your soon to be adult child can grasp these tips, it should give them a decent foundation to navigate the early years of their adulthood.

Here are my tips in descending order.


 18.  Uber/Lyft Rides Are Cheaper Than a D.U.I.

 Many young adults do not take this to heart until after their first D.U.I. arrest. In the State of Arizona, a first-time D.U.I. violation will cost you approximately $10,000 in fines and court fees. Typical UBER/Lyft ride will cost less than $20.


 17.  Learn To Play Golf

 During the course of my professional career, I’ve missed out on many opportunities simply because I didn’t realize, in the business world, many professional relationships and deals are made on the golf course.

Encourage your son to learn the game. The fact that he can show up on the course will open a few doors for him.

16.  Marry After Age 27

 I encourage my sons and their girlfriends to consider marriage after my sons reach the age of 27.

Men mature in stages. The stage 21-28 years old is a time where men lack one on one relationship commitment ability.

It is during this time that many relationship commitment mistakes WILL be made. These mistakes many time lead to family and financial devastation.

Basically,  the proper sowing of the male oats is vital to his ability to think clearer with the head on his shoulder.


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 15.  Annual Dentist and Doctor Visits

 Its no wonder women live longer than men. Men tend to wait until their 40’s and 50’s before having regular check ups. I didn’t start until I turned 51, so I deal with diabetes and oral issues now. Help them see the value of body maintenance.

 14.  Avoid ATM Fees

 Why pay to get your own money. Plan ahead! Have your money in an institution with plenty of convenient locations.



13.  Know What You Want in Life

 It’s difficult to manifest the lifestyle you want without clarity of your desires. Teach your son to design the lifestyle he desires manifested through the art of visualization. It’s like placing an order with the Universe.

Then as your son goes about his daily life with his design in mind, the Universe moves to manifest it.


 12.  Half Your Age Plus 7 Formula

 Men and women mature at different rates. With this said, this Formula can be used to determine the age best suited for a man’s maturity level based on his age. An example for an 18 year old man.

Using the Formula, it’s 18 – 9 (half) = 9  then + 7 = 16 .

RESULT 18 yr. old male matches maturity wise with 16 yr. old female.


11.  People React To How You Act

 Once your son understands that the world is responsive, he will began to be a cause in life. He will learn to calculate his actions to be in alignment with his desired results.



 10.  Don’t Make Your Mate Mad The Week Of Your Birthday

 As my kids move through their childhood years, it is important to us, parents, to celebrate their birthdays.

Bad behaviors, we let bygones be bygones for this day in order for them to enjoy their birthday. I explained to by son not to expect this from his girlfriend.

His birthday tone will be set based on she feels about him at the time. If she feels good about the relationship the week leading up to your birthday, he will have a good time.


 9.  You Have The Right To Remain Silent

 It is very important that your son understands that he has the right not to incriminate himself when talking to police officials.

As a juvenile, he was protected by the fact that his parents had to be present at the time of questioning to provide counseling.

He must realize he has the right to have an attorney present prior to questioning. Just ask for one!


8.  “Show Your Hands”

 A police officer’s job is extremely dangerous and challenging. Each moment could be their last. Your son must realize that officers lives with this reality daily.  Upon contact with the police, it is vital that officers immediately recognizes your son is of no imminent threat.

Always keep your hands visible!


7.  Enjoy Life Without Overindulging

 It would be great if our kids, upon adulthood, refrain from the use of alcohol and other party favorites. But the reality is they are going to use them.

Help them understand that it is the abusive use of things that creates problems. If your son has an addictive personality, this conversation is even more crucial.


 6.  Behind Every Great Man Is A Greater Spiritual Woman

 This is because women are so much more intuitive than men. They have the ability to intuitively recognized good/bad people and situations long before men’s enlightenment.

Having a woman in your who you share mutual trust and respect with, will greatly enhance the experiences of your son’s life.

Understand, this woman does not have to be his mate but whoever it may be, trust their opinion and let it be a guide in their decisions.

In my life, it has been my partner, my secretary and my wife.

 student-41444__3405.  Educate Yourself

 At 18, life presence many distractions that can easily turn a young man’s mind away from continuing his formal education. Help him understand the importance education has on his earning potential and overall development.


 4.  Invest In Yourself

 This goes beyond formal education. This has to do with personal growth. Who you are as a human being and how they contribute to themselves. They must be willing to spend money and time on personal development.



3.  Define Yourself Spiritually

 I am Spiritual and my wife is Christian. Although our core beliefs are the same, the basis of our beliefs differ. With this our children are free to choose their spiritual passage.

Whichever they choose, they know only to the extent of their relationship with their belief will they realize the benefits from it.


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2.  I’m Proud of You!

 Let them know!


 1.  I Love You!

VERY IMPORTANT, enough said!


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March 1, 2019

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Fathering 6 children, 3 of which are adults, has given me plenty of insight on some basic things a 17-year-old son needs to know prior to […]