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Dr. G

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

7 Steps to a Wealthy Lifestyle for 2018

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I would like to share with you 7 Steps to creating a wealthier lifestyle. I would also like to do this by sharing with you my steps as they apply to the steps.


Step 1 – Set a goal


Or as I say, “What do you want” Choose something that is challenging but not out of your control. My goal or “What do I want” is to build a strong online presence as a Life Coach.


Step 2 – Set a Better Environment

Your current environment of people, places, and things are in effect the reason for the results of your current way of life. If you are going to change your lifestyle you will have to surround yourself with people, places and things worthy of your goal. I personally have opened myself to learning through a whole list of new mentors with knowledge in the areas of my interest.

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

Step 3 – Say Yes to the Uncomfortable

If you are comfortable, you are not growing. Chances are that the biggest reason why you have not reached your goal is because in order to do so you must engage in an activity you have little interest in seeing through. As for myself, writing and documenting events has been my area of avoidance. This is due to tiring years of writing and documenting while performing my duties as a police sergeant. Now, I say yes again.


Step 4 – Build in Accountability


Often we set private goals that we keep to ourselves or mention to some in passing, leaving room for the goals to go unmet with little resistance.  What’s needed for a successful goal accomplishment is a means to hold you accountable. Share your desire with a person/s who you give permission to hold you accountable. Someone who you are willing to meet with regularly to discuss your progress. I will use you, my readers, to hold me accountable. From step 1, you know my goal, and as my audience, you will have direct knowledge of my progress and whether I am on track to fulfilling my goal.


Step 5 – Talk With Customers


Your customers/clients have a direct impact on your financial success. They supply the resources to bring your goals to manifestation. Are you looking to manifest money, like right now?

Meet and talk with resources in your field. Find out what are their needs. I  meet with my former students and clients on a regular basis to discuss their progress and how I can be of service to them .


Step 6 – Create, Create, Create

Just like it says. Create, Create, Create. Whatever it is you do, create more of it. Not more of the same, but expand from within and produce.  I create 11 income streams that I used to manifest a six figure income. One of those streams is blogging. I am in constant creative mode writing. Writing 2-3 blogs a week and eventually a day.

“30 Day Money Maker Challenge” Take control of your ability to make the money you desire!

Step 7 -Find Your One Word

one word

There is a word that represents who you are. A word that if you stand by it will take you where you want to go. Only you can identify what this word is to be. Figure it out and stand as it. My word is “Truth”


Are you a follower or believer of “The Law Of Attraction.” Can you  effectively manifest things you desire? If not, consider this!


I recently Post on my Blog my sharing 11 Income Streams I have used over the last 25 years to support my family of 8. I can stand behind these opportunities and would be happy to answer any questions related to them. Click Here


Learn to control your thoughts through this 30 day challenge. Click the image below for more details.


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