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About Dr. G

Personal Coach

George “Dr. G.” Henderson, a native of the Chicago, Illinois area, resides in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, where he has been for over 35 years. A father of 6, grandfather of 3 and a husband of 1, he spent over 24 years with the Phoenix Police Department before retiring in 2005.

Dr. G. began life and grief coaching over 25 years ago while with the police department. He went on to study life enhancement and coaching through Landmark Education where he completed the ILP (Introductory Leader Program), an intense interpersonal coaching and enrollment program. Soon afterwards, he began coaching teens through a men’s “Rites of Passage” program and started a fatherhood coaching program where coached parental relationships.

Dr. G. enjoys studying the works of great mental science experts like Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward and Prentice Mulford which eventually led him to the University of Sedona where he emerged himself in the study of Metaphysics and was degreed in such and received his distinction as an Ordained Minister. He is currently completing his Doctoral work in metaphysical studies at the University of Sedona, which is why many of his coaching clients refer to him as “Dr. G.”.

Dr. G.

“You have the resource within you to create the life you desire or, you can allow life to create you. The choice has always been yours.”