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30 Day Money Maker Challenge

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May 12, 2019

30 Day Money Maker Challenge

Welcome to the “30 Day Money Maker Challenge!”


The Challenge where it is your goal to make money out of thin air.

You say it can’t be done?

Well, over 4 Trillion Dollars moves thru the air, 24 hours a day and it moves through what is call the Foreign Exchange Market.  Also, known as  the “Forex.”

This market has been available to people like you and I since 1990. Yet, it is not widely known to those in the United States.

Here’s Why

The reason is because there are no opportunities for a middleman to make money like there is in other investment vehicles.

There are no real estate agents, mortgage companies, investment bankers, precious metals brokers, etc.  Those people who make money to help you make money or not.

No middleman opportunities means no heavy marketing to get you involved.

As a matter of fact, the strategy of the U.S. government has been to keep the average U.S.  citizen out of the Forex market in order to keep them engaged in the U.S. stocks and commodities exchanges.  Yet, the rest of the world has been trading in the Forex since 1972.

Your Challenge

I am challenging you to become knowledgeable in this market so that you can participate in it.

The only cost is your time and willingness to learn.

There are many people out there willing to take your money to show you how to trade in the Forex, but in this Challenge, it’s provided for you free. In the next 30 days I will provide you with daily emails to give you the foundation you need participate in this market.

There is no catch to this! When you successfully complete this Challenge you will be able to fully participate as s trader the Forex market. My hope is that in the end, you will join my online community of traders to further your understanding and share your experiences in this great market.

So here is your chance at a Challenge that can alter your financial future.

Take on this 30 Day Money Maker Challenge and commit to reading the daily emails. In the end, you will be equipped to make money out of thin air from the Forex. With continuing education, which is free everywhere,  you can become a successful Forex Trader.


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