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Affirmation for Love- Top 15

Affirmation for Wealth – Top 12
November 29, 2018
Affirmation for Health – Top 9
November 29, 2018

Affirmation for Love- Top 15

Affirmation for Love – Here are 15 of the Best

In this post, my assumption is that you’ve taken the opportunity to read my post, MANIFEST BY AFFIRMATION.  Within that post you will come to understand how to bring your desires to reality.

Here I present to you 15 of the strongest Affirmations for attracting great Love. Each begins with “I am”.  The use of this affirms the statement to your subconscious. Choose the one that rings true for you.

1. I am Worthy of Love

2. I am Thankful for the Love of my Life.

3. I am Thankful for my Caring Partner

4. I am with the Love of my Life

5. I am Surrounded by Love

6. I am filled with the Vibration of Love

7. I am an Expression of Unconditional Love

8. I am in Love

9. I am Desired

10. I am Loved for who I am

11. I am Deserving of the Love that I Receive

12. I am Open for Love in All Forms

13. I am Trusting in My Relationship

14. I am a Warrior of Love

15. I am Romantic

As mentioned earlier, each affirmation begins with “I am.” ” I am”, is a trigger for the subconscious to recgonized that you are making the statement with ownership to your own identity. This eliminates the subconcious having to decide whether or not to filter out the statement.

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