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Law of Attraction / Why It’s Not Working for You

30 Day Money Maker Challenge
September 25, 2018
Affirmation 101
November 29, 2018

Law of Attraction / Why It’s Not Working for You

Do you want what you want or

Do you want what you got!

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The Law of Attraction as a concept is easy to grasp, but the purposeful application of it can be elusive.

You try to visualize and feel good about money, but your significant other consistently tries to engage you in debt conversations.

In Addition, You try to work gratefully on your job, but your peers are disgruntle with every tick of the clock.

You try to go through your day courageously, but the media insist on showing you a world that is under siege at every turn.

Also, You try to be vulnerable in your relationships, but relatives are quick to display their discontent when you fail to side with them.

You try to be overall  positive, but you live in a country where politically everyone seems to be angry and divided.

It hard to exist believing you will get what you want, when there is so much happening that suggest that you must be out of your mind to believe you will be blessed with your desires when the world seems upside down. And, how can you possibly keep the whining of others out of you head?

You can blame family, peers, associates, President Trump, his supporters, or his Naysayer for getting in your way of your development. Your Ego would love to keep you where life is so familiar. It may not be all that great, but hey, at least there will be no surprises.


Leave it to your Ego, the justifications for feeling bad and for your life being the way it is will gain more traction, and before you know it, you are right back to where you started, letting life happen to you rather than exercising the power that has been there all along, but didn’t realize you had.

But I ask you again, Do you want what you want or do you want what you got?

Here’s a piece of candy. As hard as it may seem at times, you CAN manifest any significant change in your lifestyle, if you are willing to focus energy in harnessing the Power of the Law of Attraction.

If you feel like your desired vibrations are constantly under attack, I will show you in this post a few ways to make your a vibrations a match to what you want and dissipate the vibrations of the ones that don’t want.


So, here you are, working consciously with The Law of Attraction. You can see yourself becoming joyful and anticipating all your desires dropping into your lap. You know your predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your reality, so all you need to do is to begin thinking, feeling and acting in a way that causes you to get what you desire.

Simple huh? Well, maybe in theory, but in practice, that’s another story. You find out very quickly that your former beliefs are real and have every intentions of remaining as your truth.

Shifting your feelings from your always way of being to a new enlighten expression can be challenging. No matter how much you think you understand the law of attraction and how strongly the idea you can create your own reality resonates with you, there is still a conditioning that needs to take place first.

Don’t freak out! This doesn’t mean you have to totally change your whole being before you began to see shifts happening in your life.

The reason it is so hard for you to raise and  maintain your vibration is because you are still not convinced that the law of attraction is real. Understandably, you can’t totally change your whole belief system overnight, then suddenly fall in love with yourself after years of picking yourself apart and believing you are broken.

Since all of that still lies within you, it’s going to be mirrored back somehow. You will continue to have experiences that reflect all the doubt, fear, low-self esteem, and other negativeness that is still predominant.

You will see, hear and experience things, and the old way of thinking and being will take over because there is still a lot of momentum. The temptation is to ignore all of it and pretend everything is fine. That you are all happy and trusting. But, you’re not, and that’s fine.

Admit it!

Be honest about your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that still lie within.

You have to realize, your reactions to whatever is bringing you down is a part of you that vibrates in harmony with it..


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One of the biggest barriers to consciously create our reality is this belief we have to get all happy and ignore all the negativity within. But, if it’s already there, it has to be dealt with.

When you find yourself reacting to outside forces, reducing your better-feeling state, you have to examine what is happening.

Do you have triggers trigger and why did it bother you?

Are there limiting belief rose to the surface?

What thoughts did it make you start thinking?

Any new feelings  you began to feel?

You have to be honest with yourself in this moment. Don’t shut things out because you feel you shouldn’t’ be feeling a certain way or believe certain things simply because you know better, or you know it’s not an ‘enlightened’ perspective. Many of the beliefs and feelings that come up will feel irrational…don’t dismiss them for this reason.

If you do this, you’ll never get a full understanding of what still needs to be addressed, of what is blocking you from moving into a higher state of vibration.

If you fail to identify these blockages, then good luck attracting the things you want. You will continue to live at the mercy of outside forces, but claim that law of attraction isn’t working.

Realize that just wanting something isn’t enough to bring it to you. You have to a vibration that’s a match to it. Most of us are not a great match to the things we want because of the conditioning  mentioned earlier.

That doesn’t mean you can never be a match to it. But, getting from where we are now to where we want to be requires you to clean house mentally, and take ownership of your experience and feelings. It requires a honest evaluation of where you stand right now.

I realize this part isn’t fun…and I’m sure you didn’t anticipate this part of the process. That’s because there are many misconceptions about  the law of attraction and how to truly shift your energy.

Understand, you don’t have to go into deep analysis every time something happens that makes you feel bad. When you are really feeling down, the best thing you can do is distract yourself with anything that lightens the mood. I’m a big fan of going to the movies, personally.

Distraction can work wonders most of the time. But, it’s not always going to be the ticket. You are working on changing beliefs that you have held a very long time.  There are going to be times when you have to focus in and see what’s going on.

It may not always be pleasant. You may have to let yourself feel things you have been suppressing. But, this doesn’t mean it has to be an exercise in torture. Come to terms with the resistance and the pain. It will go a long way in this work.



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One of the best ways to have your vibration more stable is to initiate some energy behind how you want things to play out in your day to day life. Thee law of attraction is much more than just getting stuff as it was explained in the documentary “The Secret”

Consciously working with your energy can bring you so many other benefits as well. You can craft your experience so there is less stress and more even flow, where things just come together and work out perfectly.

Having a higher vibe leads to all sorts of great things happening to you like getting help from  a super-helpful customer service agent, clients reacting better than expected to your staff overbooking appointments, going to the store and finding an upfront parking space, your husband decide to surprise you with dinner, your son unexpectedly cooperates in doing his chores, the conflict in your schedule resolving itself, and the list goes on.

It can change your interactions with those around you, allowing you to connect with people that are more pleasant, kind and who will make your life easier.

It allows solutions to problems to emerge without you lifting a finger.

Most importantly, it allows you to manifest things that shows what you desire is indeed possible. This proof makes it easier to feel good, no matter what is happening around you. This proof makes it easier to remove all the beliefs that make you think it isn’t possible.

Now, what is happening in your day to day experience that you would like to be better?

Is there anything you would you want to happen?

What scenarios would make it easier to keep vibing high?

Are there feelings that you want to experience more?

What feelings do you want to experience less?

While figuring this out is very important,  it isn’t going to be enough. You are going to have to cultivate some more momentum. If an unwanted situation is already in play, it’s going to be difficult to shift the energy in the moment. You will need to do some preliminary work.

Spend some time visualizing more desirable conditions daily. The key is to vibrate at an emotional level that you want to experience throughout your day-to-day activities.

However you get there is fine because it is the feelings that you ultimately want to experience, again how that happens really doesn’t matter. You can’t figure out all the different ways things can come together to allow you to feel good, but many will show themselves with momentum.

You may want to develop some affirmations that reflect your desired outcomes and repeat them throughout the day  to help flow that energy. The tool don’t matter…just anything that helps you feel those good feelings.

You will be astonished at the changes you will manifest. You will be amazed at the unlimited ways The Universe can support you and coordinate things so you get exactly what you desire and need.

Raising your vibration will get easier and easier because you will become less and less of a vibration match to the things that can disrupt it .

shops-1026420__340“30 Day Master Mind Challenge” Control your mind to control how you manifest!


One thing that you will quickly discover, as you work with The Law of Attraction, is how much things outside of you have been affecting your feelings, thoughts and belief system. You’ll realize so much of the bull you’ve taken on isn’t yours and never was yours.

It feels like yours because you have manifested so much in your own experience that reflects it all. But again, it’s not. You picked it all up along the way from friends, family, religion, and society at large..

Since you are not some spiritual master, and this new identity and belief system you are crafting is a bit fragile, you have to work on removing things from your experience that make you feel bad.

Many of these changes may feel uncomfortable, but you have to be willing to make them if you really want to do, be and have all you desire. In some cases, you may not be able to go all out., You will have to take baby steps. It’s fine as long as you are working on it.

If your Facebook conversations  are nothing but a griping session about people and idiotic events, maybe it’s time to change up your routine. Go for a walk or arm yourself with a book, or some other personal development material that will nourish your mind.

If certain topics of conversation just drag you down, you have to be willing to speak up and say you don’t want to talk about those things. You may have to brace yourself for accusations of being ‘naive’ or in denial about how bad the world is with or without a Trump Presidency, or that you are stupid for trying to be always positive. People will take it personally, and be sensitive about you no longer sharing in their negative ways.

If certain people in your life that are not a good match for the new version of yourself you have cultivated, you may have to prepare yourself for the possibility things will change. This doesn’t mean cutting people out of your life right away.

Some people may be able to meet you at that higher vibration and the relationship can go on. But if they can’t meet you there, and spending time with them interferes with your transformation, something’s gotta give.

You have to be willing to set some boundaries and stick to them. You have to let people know what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of interacting with you.

You’ll have to do an honest assessment of how you are spending your time, and whether these various activities are reflecting the values you have discovered are most important to you, or are they keeping you stuck where you don’t want to be.

You can’t be that person who goes on and on about how life sucks, or that you are too busy to read a personal development or Wealth Building Book, meditate or exercise, yet somehow find time to watch TV and Facebook.

If you desire your life to be different, you will have to do things differently. If you really want your energy to change, you have to be willing to do whatever you can to nurture and protect your higher vibration so you can really build some momentum behind your positive energy.

You will not stay there every second, and that’s fine, but you do have to be more consistent. Commitment is a must! You have to take responsibility!

 In Conclusion

Unless you intend to remove yourself from the civilization, you are going to have to content with your heighten beliefs being challenged and people affecting your mood. You’re only human and it’s okay if you just can’t be all happy and trusting every second.

You are making some big shifts here.

But now that you are more aware of how your reality is created, you have to choose in favor of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that align with what you want.

You must stop blaming how you feel on other people and the fact that the things you want to manifest haven’t shown up yet because of outside forces. You have to realize it is all about choices.

It’s a process for sure, and you want to be compassionate with yourself. Let yourself feel your feelings, and accept the inevitable bad moods and moments of fear and doubt. Luckily perfection is not a necessary ingredient for improving your life.

There has to be that willingness to change your focus and feel better without looking for a reason to do so other than it will help you attract what you desire faster.

You would think that would be reason enough, but your ego will make some compelling arguments to the contrary. There is just not enough momentum behind that way of being, but you can build it up powerfully .

As time go on, your vibration will stay in that higher range more of the time and when you do get knocked down, you’ll be able to make your way back there faster. Similar to an established millionaire who goes broke over a bad investment and returns to millionaire status in a few months.

Let yourself do things that make you feel better, no matter what they may be. It’s all valuable. That is probably the most important thing you can do.


What did you think of this post?

What resonated with you most?

Are there challenges to keeping your vibration high?

What tips would you offer to protect your energy?

Leave your comment at the bottom of this page, thanks in advance!

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