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November 29, 2018
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January 22, 2019

Manifest by Affirmation


I believe anyone can consciously manifest the life they desire.

I believe you can do this through the conscious use of a powerful affirmation.

Consciously, I say because you are manifesting the life you are living now.  You may not be conscious that you are nor conscious of the fact that you are using affirmations daily to created it.

This may be confusing, but reading my post “Affirmation 101.”  will clear it up, but for now, we are going to get to the business of  manifesting.

Let’s begin with the first step to manifesting the life you desire.

Number 1, forget all about, “Thoughts become Things!”

Whoa!  Wait a minute! Don’t go anywhere!

I know that you have more times than not have heard and/or read that thoughts become things. And, If you focus on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want, all your desires will magically appear.

Well, how as that worked out for you so far?

I’m going to guess with great confidence, not to well.

How can that be?

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, he saids to write out your goals on a piece of paper and recite the words several times a day.  In addition, many other authors and speakers say  you must develop and concentrate on a thought to manifest your desires.

Let me ask you something.

How many times have you tried visualizing, constantly thinking about your desires and yet have nothing materialize?

How many times have you tried visualizing, constantly thinking about your desire and have the opposite appear in your life?

From the other end of the spectrum. How many times have you expected the very worst but in the end things turn out better than you expected?

How can this be true?

How can any of these things happen if the Law of Attraction says you attract what you think about or focus on?

Well, the answer lies within the understanding of the Conscious vs Sub-Conscious thinking.

Consider this!

Have you ever found that the thing you had been trying to manifest for weeks, months or years miraculously appears just when you stopped thinking about it, maybe even forgotten about it, and may even stop wanting it?

Well, it wasn’t a coincidence.

This  happen because, until that point, you had actually kept the goal just out of reach by your constant conscious attention to it.

By consciously applying ‘Thoughts Become Things’, you prevented that goal from manifesting. It was only after you dropped it from your attention that it was able to come to you.

But why does this happen?

It’s becasue when you think of something you really want, You really want it!

Now here is something you need to burn in your head

“Want” is another word for “Lack”!

Thoughts of “wanting” only attracts more want and more lack.

By continuous conscious thinking about your goal, you are continually wanting, continually asking. This will act to ‘freeze’ things, keeping you in a state of constant state of waiting, wanting, antiipation and lack.

Conscious Wanting = Asking = Lack

If you don’t stop asking for your desire, you’ll never receive it.

So what’s the answer to Manifesting your desire?

Belief that your desire is already yours.

Where can you find that belief?

Within your Subconscious.

How do you get it there?

Through purposefully directed affirmations.

Here, let me explain!

The subconscious is where you hold things to be true to you. It’s where memories are stored to be acted upon when called upon. Memories that have been burned into your subconscious for you to act upon without conscious awareness.

Here’s some examples.

Have you ever driven home tired or your mind totally engulfed in thoughts totally unrelated to the road your travelling on and once you got home you were totally confused on how you got home.

Have you ever had the lights go out in your house, but you found it easy find your way around, even to find a flashlight or candle stored away?

 An old song comes on the radio. You hear the first 2-4 notes of a song  and immediately recognized it even though you hadn’t heard the song in years? And, you even know all the words.

How were you able to do these things?

It was through the unconscious use of your subconscious.

You made the drive to your home so many times, walked through your house daily, and sang that song so many times that those thoughts were embedded into you subconscious. You couldn’t get rid of those memories if you tried.

The subconscious is really your guide to everyday living. As you move through your day you are presented with situations or inputs that your subconscious directs your responses based on affirmed experiences stored in your subconscious.

Don’t believe it?

Have you ever had a situation that required immediate response but you were totally clueless on what to do? Well, that because you had no affirmed experience to draw from, so you froze. 

From the subconscious comes automatic responses. Responses directly related to past experiences.

As a mater of fact, your actions moment to moment will be based on information fed to your subconscious. Since your unconscious actions are based on your subconscious thoughts, shows that the subconscious is the source to all manifesting.

This makes consciously affirming your desires to your subconscious is the key to you manifesting your desires.

So, let’s get to the business side of all this!

Here is the formula:

Conscious and Purposeful Affirmations to the Subconscious Manifests Desired Results.

Our lives manifest through the will of the subconscious. Wills of behavior that have been implanted knowingly, yet mostly unknowingly.

Keep this in mind!

The first secret to manifesting your desires is to affirm to your subconscious your desires. The second secret is, other than times of affirming, let go of the conscious desire or wanting of the thing.

This is easy to understand once you realize that an affirmation is not a request for something but the acknowledgement that it already exist.

For examples:

I am wealthy, I am healthy, and I am loving!

Once an affirmation is successfully affirmed to your subconscious, like the examples above, you’ll make daily decisions from a consciousness of wealth, health, love or whatever you effectively affirmed to your subconscious. Making your manifesting effortless!

Learn how to use affirmations effectively from my post  “Affirmation 101”

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