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Physical Man / Spiritual Woman

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December 10, 2016
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January 18, 2017

Physical Man / Spiritual Woman


Universal God demands that man acknowledges that a woman’s spiritual power is distinct from his own, and in certain respects is superior to his own. The woman’s spiritual eye senses farther than a man’s. When a man comes to truly recognizes this great power of a woman, he will gladly welcome her full utilization of that power to rid himself of many undesirables lurking on his pathway.

Most men are unable to see and understand a woman’s mind and how it complements or offer completement of his own mind. She is a radar who sees danger long before a man has any sense of awareness that the danger approaches.

As a man becomes more spiritually aware, he begins to see that to enjoy a higher and far happier life, he must allow the full play of a woman’s spirituality into his life.

The more spiritual man understands that he can not choose her position in life and insist she stay in it, because if he does, he literally cuts off his own life. He becomes fully aware that Universal God will inflict pain and take from him until he clearly sees that only thru Universal God’s power and wisdom can a her place be ordered to be filled.

Lesson for the Spiritual Woman


Your ability for sympathy is greater than man’s and having this sympathy sometimes prompts you to easily give in to the demands of a man for the sake of his ego of seeing you as inferior to his manhood.

You must understand that your strength is equal to his. As you give “Thoughts” of love and sympathy, his absorption of it brings him renewed life in every part of his being.

Your strength is equals to that of his, but it is expressed through different channels.

Proof of that can be shown through your maternity experience. Let the maternity process be transferred to him and you will see his opinion of who is inferior undergo a radical change.

Your sympathetic strength “Intuition” allows you to be more in tuned to the will of Universal / God concerning what in mind and body you represents to the world.

Your proper use of your strength allows you to express more good on those you love. But if you accept a man’s will as your only guide of action, you are leading yourself astray and him also.

Understand there can be only one head in a perfect whole. But this is not the man’s mind alone, nor is it the woman’s mind alone. It is the blending and the interdependence of the union of their masculine and feminine minds that was made and fitted for each other by Universal / God power and it cannot be avoided.

This union that is made by Universal / God, no man can neither make nor put asunder.


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